Cool Events Weekend Recap (4/27 – 4/28)

PHOENIX, May 1, 2019 — Cool Events hosted more than 32,000 participants on Saturday April 27th and Sunday April 28th at Terrain Race, Foam Glow 5K, and Bubble Run.
“We’re really excited to see that Terrain Race is drawing newcomers to the OCR world across the country,” said Cool Events CEO, Bill Spata.
Terrain Race, the company’s 5K obstacle course race, saw over 22,000 participants this weekend in San Antonio, TX and Clarksburg, MD.  Over 7,000 participated in San Antonio on Saturday while over 15,000 participated in Maryland across the weekend.  The next Terrain Race will take place in Fort Worth, TX at Texas Motor Speedway on Saturday May 11th.  Terrain Race has 39 additional dates at this year.
Foam Glow 5K took place at Remington Park in Oklahoma City on Saturday April 27th.  One of Cool Events’ signature events, this night-time 5K hosted nearly 6,000 participants at an intimate venue.  The next Foam Glow 5K will take place at Fairplex in Pomona, CA on Saturday May 11th.  Foam Glow has 21 additional dates this year.
Bubble Run took place just outside of Louisville in Sparta, KY.  Despite unseasonably cold temperatures, the day-time fun run featured more than 4,000 participants.  The next Bubble Run will take place in Richmond, VA at the Richmond International Raceway on Saturday May 11th where over 11,000 participants are registered.  Bubble Run has 23 additional dates this year.
Cool Events Inc. (OTC: RNWR) offers a variety of unique, experiential running and obstacle events that attract thousands of participants who share a passion for running and helping others.  The company produced over 120 events in 2018 under the banner of five successful, touring brands.  These include: Terrain Race, the country’s fastest-growing obstacle course race; Bubble Run, the largest daytime 5K run in the country; Blacklight Run, the largest glow-powder fun run in the world; Foam Glow, the largest night-time glow run in the country and the world’s only glowing-foam run; and Blacklight Slide, the first and only nearly five story-high water slide with neon glowing water.
Cool Events supports childhood cancer awareness and has donated more than $1 million to Phoenix Children’s Hospital/Children’s Miracle Network and other charities.

Twitter: @CoolEventsInc
Instagram: @CoolEventsInc

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