Competitor Running Releases Its 2018 Audience Study to the Running Industry as a Free Download

Boulder, Colorado, USA — November 2, 2018 — Competitor Running, the leading website for performance-minded runners, has released its comprehensive 2018 Audience Study as a free download for the running industry, advertisers and marketers, and enthusiasts. Download the study from
The Competitor Running 2018 Audience Study is a thorough, 75-page report that draws from a large sample of 5,333 reader responses to 75 detailed questions. The study offers in-depth market research on consumer spending habits, brand ownership, intent to buy, reading habits, training practices, race and event participation, travel, replacement value, running interests, and technology and app use. The study was conducted by Attlesey Consulting, an independent, third-party market research consultant, and includes GfK MRI indices.
Key Findings of the Competitor Running 2018 Audience Study

Spending Habits: On average, the Competitor Running audience spent $328 on running shoes within the last 12 months, or about 2-3 pairs a year, putting in 400-600 miles of running per pair on average. They spent an average of $328 on running apparel within the last 12 months. 91% plan to purchase running shoes and apparel in the next 12 months. On average, a typical reader would need to spend $4,087 to replace all the running and fitness gear they own.
Market Share Trends: The study includes brand ownership and intent to buy responses for 152 running and fitness brands in 15 product categories. These responses reveal the U.S. market share of those brands and show which are trending up and those likely to lose customers and revenue in the next year.
Commitment to the Sport: 99% of our audience runs. They typically run 239 days of the year and log 1,206 yearly miles.
Racing Preferences: 97% of our audience participates in races each year. Their favorite race distances by participation are the 5K (3.6 raced per year), half marathon (2.6 raced per year), and the 10K (2.6 raced per year). 54% run one marathon each year.
Technology Use: Our audience heavily uses running and fitness technology. 95% own fitness training technology products including sports watches (90%), GPS-enabled sports watches (65%), and heart-rate monitors (36%). 96% use technology on their runs and an impressive 61.5% use technology on every run. 92% use fitness-related mobile apps.

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“This study confirms that Competitor Running readers are core runners,” said Shannon Standefer, Sales Director of Competitor Running.  “Brands looking to reach this segment of the running market can find new, comprehensive advertising and partnership packages with Competitor Running that put their products straight into the hands of their most valuable customers.”
“Competitor Running readers are the most dedicated runners and the most active consumers in the sport,” commented Andrew Pemberton, CEO of Pocket Outdoor Media. “To reach the best customers in running, your brand needs to be part of the Competitor Running team.”
About Competitor Running and Pocket Outdoor Media
Pocket Outdoor Media is the leading publisher in endurance sports. Pocket Outdoor Media’s brands influence and engage more athletes than any other through a combined print, online, and social audience of 44 million runners, cyclists, triathletes, and swimmers. Our brands include Competitor Running, the leading website for performance-minded runners; Women’s Running, the world’s #1 resource for women runners; VeloNews, the authoritative voice of cycling; Triathlete, the world’s #1 triathlon resource; and VeloPress, the world’s leading publisher of books on endurance sports. Pocket Outdoor Media is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and has an office in San Diego, California. See more at
Competitor Running Advertising, Sponsorships, and Partnerships
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Pocket Outdoor Media
3002 Sterling Circle, Ste 100
Boulder, CO, USA 80301
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